NEWEST CREATION ~ Chocolate Bark

February 14th, 2017 | Posted by arunachocolates in Blog

Well I played midwife again this past weekend after 2 feet of snow fell on us. First we birthed the Winter Bark….let me introduce you to our latest creation, Aruna’s Chocolate Bark. Every single layer unfolded perfectly to me. The chocolaty creamy space that dances between the crunch of cacao nibs to the coconuty sweetness that swirls around the soft, chewy, gooey goji berries TOPPED with the salt factor of pistachios will have you levitating throughout your day. In celebration we will have a 1 day sale today (Tuesday February 14, 2017) where we will give 15% of this beautiful divine chocolate! Use code: Investinyourhealth2017  Click here to order now!

All ingredients are raw, organic and free of any dairy, refine sugars, soy, fillers, gluten, guilt and haste! Ingredients: cacao, cacao nibs, chlorella, spirulina, maca, goji berries, pistachios, coconut, honey or stevia leaf and LOVE.


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