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Who wants to buy chocolate at whole sale cost ALL THE TIME? ….. I DO, I DO !!! 

Who wants their 1st order doubled?

Does anyone want the chance to win a free box of chocolates for a year?!

Our LARGEST promotion is under way so spread the word!

You have until Nov. 11, 2015 to join our Auto-ship Program where not only will you be able to invest in your health and save $$$ but also get your 1st order DOUBLED!! This is a program that’s flexible and made for you and here is how it works….

….You can sign up here online OR email us at….Either way you will be contacted by Kerry, the owner/chocolatier, who will explain what is expected from you and what to expect from us, easy right?


Here are the benefits of this incredible flexible deal!


  • Mix it up! – we’d be more than happy to change your Subscribed flavors month to month – just let us know what you would like 7 days before the 1st. of each month so we can get your package out on time!
  • Pause your Subscription at any time – (heading out-of-town for a well deserved holiday?) – just call/email us by the 15th of the month to let us know when you’ll be back.
  • Save our natural resources – we ship directly from our kitchen to your door, so no need to waste valuable resources driving to a store.
  • Save time – when you get a hankering for a bite? Their it is right in your cupboard; there’s no need to go to the store, or worse yet, go without. Why delay gratification any longer than absolutely necessary?
  • Save money – ordering under 4lbs a month save 20% ~ 4lbs or more save 30%.
  • Receive free shipping with orders over $100.
  • Save MORE money – your chocolate supply running low or want to gift someone chocolate? No problem, simply purchase chocolate in-between shipments and receive your Auto-ship discount price!
  • Referrals – members who refer folks to join will receive an $25 Aruna Chocolates Gift Certificate. Make sure they mention your name.
  • PLUS everyone who joins will qualify for the chance to win a FREE box of chocolate for an entire year!

Ready to regularly invest in your health and become a member? 

We also have a promotion for those who do Facebook or Instagram. (that’s all we do for social media) So in helping us to spread the word be sure to mention or tag Aruna Chocolates and you will qualify for a raffle where the winner will receive a FREE LB. of chocolate AND a FREE bag of our infamous Hot Chocolate Elixir!!! Multiple mentions-multiple chances to win!



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