Superfoods Remix August 26, 2015

August 24th, 2015 | Posted by arunachocolates in Blog

Help us to celebrate our 1ST event at Pure Alchemy Juice Bar and Cafe ! ! !

Join Colleen Smith Morgan and Kerry Lucier as they team up to cover a beautiful spectrum of superfoods, tonics AND raw chocolate! Sample Raw Chocolates from Aruna Chocolates and get elevated on a freshly made Tonic!

TIME: 7p – 8:30p
COST $22

Space is limited to 20 attendees
Tix can purchased at Pure Alchemy Juice Bar Cafe

Colleen Morgan, a Teacher of Metaphysics, recently opened Pure Alchemy Juice Bar Cafe in Wallingford, CT. Her vision is to educate and inspire people to take a look at the food habits we’ve adopted as a culture and to offer an easy way to bridge the gap between using food as fuel and using food as medicine.

Kerry Lucier, a Raw Food Chef at The Raw Food Institute in Simsbury, CT, Professional Hugger, Chocolatier and owner of Aruna Chocolates where Love is thē superfood. On his journey through the foodie world he has experienced food to be alive, conscious and medicinal…”Through my business I have used it as a path of awakening because cacao will open doors however it’s up to me to walk through them”

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